Looking back over 2015

◦ 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Junior Road Training Camp
◦ 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Elite Track Training Camp
◦ 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Women Cycling Training Camp
Riding towards 2016
◦ Broad Communication (SNS)
◦ Participation in 2016 Jik-ji International Road Cycling Race
◦ Opening Ceremony of 2016 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Junior Road Training Camp
Interview with the Training Camp Participants
◦ Interview with the coaches: Guatemala & Thailand
◦ Interview with the riders: Thailand & Indonesia


World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite (WCC-KS) is established in 2013 for the purpose of talented
riders, education of passionate coaches, and promotion of cycling sport in Asia.

Under the core value of 5C (Commitment, Challenge, Collaboration, Change, and Communication),
WCC-KS promote enhancement of abilities in participants and improving the standards of overall Cycling.

WCC-KS is supported by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Korean
Olympic Committee (KOC), Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO), Union Cycliste
Internationale (UCI), World Cycling Centre (WCC), and Korea Cycling Federation (KCF).

WCC-KS is the only training center managing both Track and Road Cycling in fully free of charge
for all participants. Coaches and riders from developing countries are provided with superb
instructors, professional UCI coaching lectures, scientific training equipment, and organized cycling
training programs.

WCC-KS is operating 3 training camps annually from March to November.

Looking back over 2015

1. 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Junior Road Training Camp



WCC-KS Junior Road Training Camp participants from 6 nations (Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand,
China, Mongolia, and Turkmenistan) entered 2015 Cheongju MBC Jik-ji International Road Cycling
Race and sweeped General Individual and General Team awards.

The race was operated in total of 5 stages (558.2km length), which started from May 18th to 22nd.
Siddikov Dilmurodjon (Uzbekistan) recorded 1st place in General Individual with 13:50:21 and Phan
Hoang Thai (Vietnam) recorded 2nd place in General Individual with 13:51:00. WCC-KS Team A
took 1st place in General Team Record with 41:40:46 and WCC-KS Team B took 4th place in General
Team Record with 42:09:51 earning the overall title of the race.

Also, WCC-KS Head Coach Chester Hill (The United Kingdom) was awarded as the Best Director
and WCC-KS training camp participating Coach Wang Benjie (China) was awarded as the Best Coach.

2. 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Elite Track Training Camp



WCC-KS Elite Track Training Camp participants from 6 nations (Philippines, India, Iran, Malaysia,
Indonesia, and Uzbekistan) attended 2015 Yang-yang International Track Competition from August
14th to 17th. For the championship in Yang-Yang, Coach Ross Edgar and Chester Hill underwent
tactical training with the riders in preparation of Keirin games.

Coach Ross Edgar, who was the sprint rider and the silver-medalist in the Keirin discipline of 2008
Beijing Olympics, rode along closely with the riders on the track and coached his know-how and
techniques during the preparation for the upcoming race.

Jerry R. Aquino Jr. (Philippines), who is a road rider, achieved record of 10 second on Sprint 1st and
Sprint Repechage. Since it was his first track, he watched a lot of track competition videos and did
image-making overnight. After finishing Men Sprint 200m TT Flying Start to 12th rank, he had
Sprint game with Chae-Bin Lim from Korea. Jerry R. Aquino Jr. said that it would be a good
opportunity for him to be a Track rider in Philippines thanks to the training camp of WCC-KS.
Also, Reihane Talebisomee (Iran) had her record of 15 second, but at the end of the training camp
her record was of 13 second.

Reihane K. Daryan (Iran) participated in Women Omnium, and Jamalidin Novardianto (Indonesia),
Vadim Shaekhov (Uzbekistan) and Sergey Medvedev (Uzbekistan) participated in Men Omnium
and Muhmmad Nurfathoni (Indonesia) participated in Men Keirin Final. As for the Men Point Race,
Sergey Medvedev (Uzbekistan) ranked 6th and Vadim Shaekhov (Uzbekistan) ranked 7th.

Among the 19 riders of Men Omnium, Vadim Shaekhov (Uzbekistan) ranked 8th and Sergey
Medvedev (Uzbekistan) ranked 10th for the total ranking.

3. 2015 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Women Cycling Training Camp



2015 WCC-KS Women Cycling Training Camp was the first WCC-KS training to invite only women
riders. There were 10 participants (5 coaches and 5 riders) from 5 different nations (Nepal, Jordan,
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) in the camp. All riders were beginners who don’t even know
how to wear cycling shoes. The nations without formal coaches to instruct the women riders got
the chance to train under systematic training program through WCC-KS.

Thapa Magar Keshari (Nepal) was one of the participants who didn’t know much about cycling.
She was 32 years old and was sent as the national cyclist, but she only had the experience of
attending Triathlon. WCC-KS coaches started from the bottom of wearing cycling shoes to
practicing how to get the supply on the bike. It was not an easy task for both coach and rider,
but she managed to learn new techniques. At the end of the camp, WCC-KS could see the
improvement of her abilities and she showed the appreciation for the training.

WCC-KS’s mission is to provide needs of the participants cycling in the developing nations and
create equally good condition of cycling regardless of men and women riders. We believe that the
2015 WCC-KS Women Cycling Camp was the starting point of this mission and WCC-KS is
expecting to invite more women riders in its 2016 training camp.

Riding towards 2016

1. Broad Communication (SNS)


One of the biggest missions of WCC-KS in 2016 is to communicate with the people who love
cycling in both domestic and abroad. WCC-KS began to put this into action by operating
3 main social network system (SNS); Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

WCC-KS Facebook page ( provides information about the
daily training and activities of participants in the camp. Several photos of the day
are uploaded and information is written in both English and Korean. Also, articles
written by the WCC-KS Journalists or the videos took by WCC-KS staffs during the
training are uploaded in regular bases.

In addition, WCC-KS Twitter page ( is operated to broaden the
communication with the people abroad. The brief writings about the race are uploaded in
Twitter and necessary information for the cycling coaches or riders are re-twitted on
WCC-KS page.

Lastly, WCC-KS Instagram page ( is one of the most popular
SNS among the training camp participants. WCC-KS manage Instagram by putting up photos
from the training camp that was not uploaded enough on the Facebook. Photos of coaches,
riders, and staffs are presented, along with bikes, facilities, and sponsored cycling equipment used
in WCC-KS is bringing curiosity to other nations.

WCC-KS is trying our best to promote the standard training programs to the past, present, and
future training camp participants. WCC-KS believes that improving the communication methods
would effectively inform cycling coaches and riders from developing nations about the training
camp of WCC-KS and create more opportunity for them to join us.

2. Opening Ceremony of 2016 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite Junior Road Training Camp


The opening ceremony of 2016 World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite (WCC-KS) Men Junior Road
Training Camp was operated in April 21st. It was held in Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
(KSPO) Keirin Center and the Vice president of Korea Cycle Federation Lee Dae Hoon attended
the ceremony.

18 participants (6 coaches and 12 riders) from 6 different nations (Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
Vietnam, Guatemala, and Thailand) joined the training camp. The 2016 WCC-KS Men Junior Road
Training Camp is progressed for 40 days from April 16th to May 25th.

3. Participation in 2016 Jik-ji International Road Cycling Race



The participants of 2016 WCC-KS Men Junior Road Training Camp attended the 2016 Jik-ji
International Road Cycling Race (16’.05.16-05.20).

Total of 101 riders from 17 different teams attended the Men Junior race. As for WCC-KS, 12
riders are divided into 2 teams; A and B team. The A team includes Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and
Indonesia riders wearing red jersey and the B team includes Thailand, Vietnam, and Mongolia
riders wearing blue jersey.

The stage 1 was from Cheong-ju MBC to Bo-eun Sognisan Youth Town, which is about 120.3km.
Melvin Daniel Boron Rabinal (Guatemala) from WCC-KS team A got the Individual 10th rank on
today’s race. Also, Chaiyasombat Thanakhan (Thailand) from WCC-KS team B followed as
Individual 14th rank.

Stage 2 was Boeun 3 lap race from Joongpan T-junction to Songrisan Youth town, length of
93.3km and lasting about 2 and a half hours. It was the shortest length of race among the 5
stages, but had high slopes. It was not an easy race but the riders did their best. Erdene-ochir
Dorjdagva (Mongolia) from WCC-KS team B finished 26th place on this stage.

Stage 3 was from Boeun Songrisan to Chungju, which was the length of 114.4km and lasting
about 3 hours. Boron Rabinal Melvin Daniel (Guatemala) from WCC-KS team A is in 8th place and
Thanakhan Chaiyasombat (Thailand) from WCC-KS team B is in 15th place on the general
individual time classification after 3rd stage.

Stage 4 was the longest length of stage of the race, which was 125.4km. The race started from
Chungju Changdong Bridge to Chungju finish line. The weather was very hot, but WCC-KS riders
played their best race in the leading group. The general individual time classification after 4th
stage was announced. Boron Rabinal Melvin Daniel (Guatemala) from WCC-KS team A was in 8th
place and Thanakhan Chaiyasombat (Thailand) from WCC-KS team B was in 14th place. Also,
Muhammad Fachri NaufalBarokah (Indonesia) from WCC-KS team A was in 20th place and Nguyen
Tuan Vu (Vietnam) and Nguyenminh Thien (Vietnam) from WCC-KS team B were in 25th and 26th place.

The length of stage 5 was 100km lasting 2 and a half hour. The race started from Chungju to
Cheongju finish line. Erdene-ochir Dorjdagva (Mongolia) from WCC-KS team B arrived in 9th
place, which was his best record of the races as the individual result. Also, the general individual
time classification after 5th stage was announced. Boron Rabinal Melvin Daniel (Guatemala) from
WCC-KS team A was in 8th place and Thanakhan Chaiyasombat (Thailand) from WCC-KS team B
was in 14th place. Muhammad Fachri NaufalBarokah (Indonesia) from WCC-KS team A was in 20th
place and Nguye Tuan Vu (Vietnam) from WCC-KS team B was in 25th place.

WCC-KS is focusing on riders’ preparation and recovery on both before and after the race. Daily
bike-check, equipment change, supply needs, and etc. are operated by WCC-KS staffs. Also,
reviewing today’s race, and arranging tactics for tomorrow’s race are the utmost important timing
for the coaches and riders to fully understand the match stream and settle the strategies for the race.

4. Interview with the Training Camp Participants

– Interview with the coaches : Guatemala & Thailand

WCC-KS do not just provide training programs for the riders.

The training camp participants expect to learn the ‘Tactics’ they can use to develop their nation’s
cycling capacity. That is why WCC-KS invite not only the riders, but also their coaches to
participate in the training camp and learn the new coaching methods during the training.

We’ve interviewed two coaches who participated in the 2016 WCC-KS Men Junior Road Cycling
Training Camp. One coach is the only female coach and one is the only non-Asian coach of this
camp. We wondered how they adopt the programs in the camp and recognize the difference
between the cycling in Korea and cycling in their nations. We’ve listened to their stories.

Nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourselves?

Ansley: Hello, my name is Ansley and I came from Thailand. I’m here coaching the riders from
Thailand, but my job is actually a teacher. I’m working in the ‘Bankok Sports School’ located in
Bankok, Thailand.

Ricardo: My name is Ricardo and I’m working in Guatemala Cycling Federation since 2012. My
position in the federation is the Technical Director organizing all ages and events’ technical
sessions of Guatemala Cycling Federation.

You both have the modifier of “Only coach” of the camp. How do you feel about it?

Ansley: I expected it somehow, but didn’t know that I would be the only female coach here.
I try to perform my strength as a female coach. For instance, I talk with and care my riders
like a mother on their hardships during the training.

Ricardo: Yes, it wasn’t an easy journey. WCC-KS training camp is focused mostly on the development
of cycling in Asian countries. I would like to give our deepest appreciation to the Korean Ministry
of Culture, Tourism, and Sports, KSPO, and WCC-KS to invite us to this camp as the only and the first
non-Asian nation.

Are there any difficulties you face during the camp here in Korea?

Ansley: Nothing else except the weather. Weather in Thailand is very hot, while Korea was quite cold.

Ricardo: Actually, I had some worries before coming here. However, everything was fine for us
except the language difficulties. Even the food fit our appetite. About the language difficulties,
it wasn’t that of a big problem for us. In here, we all share the same language called “Cycle”.
We understand each other through cycling. Also, WCC-KS staffs provide us with comfortable atmosphere
on both training and living.

Can you briefly introduce the cycling in your nation?


Ansley: Cycling in Thailand is like a new challenge. We are putting all our effort to
develop the cycling in Thailand. We are broadening our stage from small domestic races
to International games like Asian Games, World Cup, and Olympic. But we have a long way
to go. For example, the Thailand Rider Jutatip earned gold medal in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Ricardo: Cycling is a very popular sport in Guatemala. The rank of cycling in Guatemala is
about 6th place among Central America nations. Our goal is to earn at least 3rd place.

The problem is that the support is limited and that we need sufficient support from the
federation. There are many prosperous riders in Guatemala and I believe that they have the
potential to perform in the International games.

Attending the International race is very important, as you notice. Riders can experience new and
big field of cycling and can appeal their performance to the International Cycling parties.
However, it’s not easy for us to get that opportunity.


We expect you to learn many new things from this camp. What is that you consider the most important from it?

Ansley: I want to see and learn the new things that are not in the cycling of Thailand. Especially,
we ride the Wattbike for the first time. I can’t help but get curious about the new cycling facilities
used in Korea.

Ricardo: I try to learn the new model and concepts of cycling in Korea. I already knew that the
level of cycling in Korea is very high. What I need to learn is how and why they are so good at it.
That’s one of the reasons why I’m participating in this training camp and I’m very satisfied about
the programs taking place here in Korea. Now and after, I want to apply what I’ve learned from this
camp when I go back to my country.

We can realize the passion and love you have for cycling. It was pleasure to have you.
We dearly hope you to gain your objectives throughout the training camp.

Ansley: Thank you very much. Wish me luck!

Ricardo: It was a great time to talk over my ideas. I expect to meet you again soon. Thank you.

– Interview with the riders : Thailand

We could meet Thailand junior riders in the WCC-KS where cyclists and their coaches from all
around the world gather for the training camp. They were artless high-school riders, but we could
see the passion and confidence in their smile. We listened to the stories of their life as cyclists
and about the training camp here in WCC-KS.

Thank you for accepting the interview. Can you introduce yourselves first?

Frame: Nice to meet you. My full name is very long in Thai language so just call me ‘Frame’. I’m
17 years old and I’m a high school student.

Bie: My name is Bie and my full name is long too. I’m 18 years old and also a high school

May I ask your motivation on becoming a cyclist?


Frame: Well, I remember beginning cycling as a rider about 4 years ago. But I was used to
cycling ever since I was a little kid. My father was a cyclist and I grew up watching him
racing on the competition. I was very proud of my father and wanted to be a rider just like him.
Now, I’m on my way to my dream and goal as a cyclist.

Bie: I guess it was about 3 years ago that I determined to become a cyclist. I used to ride bicycle
a lot when I was young, but the first cycling race I’ve seen was when I was 15 years old. I got a
chance to read an article about Tour of Thailand, which is the biggest cycling event in Thailand,
on a magazine. I automatically fell into the professional riders on the article. Then I vaguely
decided to be a cyclist. Luckily, I’m managing it quite fine.

I assume that there are some hardships of athletes in every sport. Isn’t training difficult for you?

Frame: Actually, I think cycling is very fun. I especially like it when I go up on the mountain by
bike. Maybe it’s because I lived on the mountain, but I guess not many people would know the
pleasure of going up on the mountain by cycling. Everyone think that it would be difficult, but I
don’t feel tired when I’m feeling so much fun riding.

Bie: Well, hard training is not always an enjoyable time. But reward makes me go on. When I ride
with my full speed and beat out other riders, I can feel that I’ve improved and make me want to
train harder.

What was your motivation for coming to this training camp in WCC-KS?


Bie: I don’t know the exact process, but I heard that Thailand Cycling Federation watched our race and recommended us for this camp. Our record on the race was high and I guess the federation thought of us as prospect riders. We are very proud for having this opportunity.

I think that you don’t have many experience of training abroad,
since you are young rider. How’s your living here in Korea?

Frame: It’s our first visit to Korea. We love the training and living here in Korea.
We can surely say that we are learning many new and important skills throughout the camp. Gym session
and Wattbike session are systematically organized during the training programs. Also, training like
how to do cornering, how to take water bottle and etc. are simple but detailed technique for riders.
We are truly satisfied with the training programs in WCC-KS.

Does that mean that you’ve didn’t experience this kind of training in Thailand?

Bie: Some is similar and some is different. In comparison, we were able to experience the different
weather change while training in Korea. The weather in Thailand is hot without much wind. So it
is not easy for us to get used to the weather change when attending an International races.
However, the weather in Korea differs from the starting and during the camp, which gave us some
kind of know-how of dealing with different conditions during the race.

Aren’t there some communication problems between the riders from different countries?

Bie: I’ve never got the chance to meet and train with so many riders from different countries.
Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Mongolia…… We have different culture
and different language. We sometimes do body language when the communication is blocked.
But I feel like we share something that doesn’t need an actual language to speak.

Frame: I agree with Bie. All the communication in WCC-KS training camp is formed in English, but
not all riders can speak English. I believe that junior riders here share something in common just
because we are cyclists. We understand the situation and know what to do during the training.
Even though the language we speak is different, we can read each other’s’ condition and convey
our thoughts. It surprised me in some way, but is a pleasant experience.

I can tell you guys are now fully enjoying the training camp. Is there anything you really
want to learn during the rest of the camp?

Frame: It would be the race experience and technical knowledge for me. I would like to leam
about the Time Trial race personally. I think Korean Cyclists are very strong in this area, which
makes me want to learn more and more everyday through this camp.

Bie: As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy the speed. That’s why I want to learn more about the Sprint
techniques during the camp. I feel the same part with Frame about the Time Trial.


You are the young prospect rider in cycling. I would like to ask you your dream and future goals.

Frame: Firstly, my dream is to become the professional cyclist. I want to promote the
attractiveness of cycling to others. Bigger goal in the future would be to attend Olympic. Thinking
of earning medals for Thailand as a national rider always motivates me. Of course, I want to get
medals from UCI World Cup one day.

Bie: I want to get medals from the UCI International Cycling Championship. But first, I would like
to make a promise to become a better and stronger rider through keeping up the training.

I hope to meet you again and interview you in International races in the future. Is there
anything you else you would like to say to our readers?

Frame: I would like to give my deep appreciation for WCC-KS and Thailand Cycling Federation for
sending us to this training camp. I get motivated by the friends from different countries who all
share the dream of becoming best cyclist and participated in WCC-KS training camp. I would keep
up the good work even after I go back to Thailand. Stay with me until I reach my goal. Thank you.

Bie: I want to thank WCC-KS staffs for taking so much consideration on the participants for the
training camp. I’m happy to learn and focus on cycling throughout the camp. I feel sorry to have
to go back to Thailand so soon. I will do my best to become a competent cyclist. Thank you very much.

– Interview with the riders : Indonesia

The charm about the junior cyclist is that they are mischievous boys but once they get their
helmets and goggles on and start riding, they become men. The two WCC-KS riders from
Indonesia own this charm. They are intelligent and adapt quickly with the training programs here
in WCC-KS, which lead the coaches to expect so much more from them.

Good afternoon! Can you please introduce yourselves?

Fahri: Hello, my name is Fahri and I’m 18 years old. I’m a University student majoring Finance.

Irfan: My name is Irfan. I’m 17 years old and a high school student.

You are attending the training program abroad here in WCC-KS right now. Is staying in Korea
satisfactory for you?

Fahri: It is. I’m having so many valuable experiences through this camp. It feels like the time goes
so quickly when I learn new training technique and take weight-training sessions. When I was in
Indonesia, I just rode a bike without much thought about the different techniques when riding.
But as I learn from WCC-KS, I realized there are much more detailed and systematic training
programs, which I’m very satisfied of.

Irfan: I enjoyed every moment since I came to Korea, especially when I’m doing road training.
Generally, the road in Korea is very clean and safe. I feel comfortable when training on the road
because there are not many buses or cars on the road. Also, there’s no trash on the road too. I
think this is the best place to do road training for cyclists.

Did you know about Korea before coming to WCC-KS training camp?


Fahri: It’s our first visit to Korea for both of us. In fact, it is Irfan’s first time going abroad.
I knew about the KSPO Cycling Team. When my team was racing on the Tour of Thailand, I was there
watching the game. I remember KSPO Cycling Team attending the same game and earned good records.

WCC-KS training camp is operated here in KSPO Keirin Center. I think it means a lot to you.

Fahri: It is, definitely. I wanted to participate in this camp so badly. Indonesia Cycling Federation
gave me a chance to participate and I too showed my strong will to come to WCC-KS training camp.
But it took me some time to surely be decided to participate, which made me desperate. Now I’m here
training and I’m very happy.

You’ve mentioned that it’s Irfan’s first visit abroad. Are there any hardships you didn’t
expect before coming here?


Irfan: Well, the thing I worried about was the food. Indonesia has Islam culture. We have some limits
on what we eat such as pork. However, I’ve never felt food problems once I came to WCC-KS. WCC-KS
provide us with many different foods from seafood, pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, and etc. in every
meal of buffet so that the participants can choose what they want. Also, there are explanations written
in English under the food, which makes it easier for us to understand what we are having. I feel grateful
to WCC-KS staffs for their consideration.

Don’t you feel bored or not comfortable enough during the camp?

Fahri: No, not really. There is a lounge for the participants to use wi-fi, watch TV, and play billiards.
I’m enjoying the moment to talk with many riders from different countries. We don’t share the
same language, but we play and train together. That means a lot and I’m not bored at all.


Fahri is University student majoring Finance, which is an unexpected surprise to me. How did
you get to attend the University?

Fahri: It was a special admission for me as a cyclist. My University accepted me to ride the bike as
cyclist and is still supporting me on a lot of things.

The reason why I choose Finance as my major is not because I was good at accounting. I am
interested in finance, but the biggest reason is that it had no impediment for me to engage in
cycling. There are about two classes for me to take a week. Rest of the time, I’m focusing on my training.

Lastly, you are training so hard in this camp right now. I bet you have a big goal in your
mind. Can you tell me your dream and goal as cyclist?

Irfan: I was to attend Asian Games. I want to present medals for my country as a national cyclist.
It would be so happy to seeing the flag of Indonesia going up on the podium.

Fahri: My biggest goal is to attend Tour de France with my team. It thrills me to imagine
racing the best riders in the world on the biggest International cycling games.

I hope to see you all earn your dreams and goals in short period. It was pleasure to meet
you and thank you for the interview.

Fahri & Irfan: Thank you very much.