‘Passion on, Limit off’

World Cycling Center Korea Satellite (WCC-KS) would like to give our deep appreciation to UCI, WCC, all
the national federations, cyclists, coaches, and all the people related to cycling, who have been very
supportive to WCC-KS. It is our honor to present the 2nd ‘WCC-KS Newsletter’ in 2015. We hope that this
newsletter will be able to give you brief ideas of our activities in attempt to make contributions to cycling
sports, especially Asia, and develop performances of participating coaches and riders of WCC-KS.

Thank you for your cooperation and continuous support.

World Cycling Center Korea Satellite (WCC-KS)


 Progress for Success: Grand opening for the 2nd Camp of WCC-KS

The 2nd training camp of 2015 World Cycling Center Korea Satellite (hereafter, WCC-KS), which is
supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Korean Olympic Committee (KOC), Korea
Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO), Korea Cycling Federation (KCF), Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI),
and World Cycling Center (WCC), was held for 40 days from 12 July to 20 August in the Yeong-Ju KSPO
Keirin Center.18 participants, including 12 riders and 6 coaches from 6 countries of Asia (Philippines,
Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia) would be invited for the 2nd camp. For 40 days, WCC-KS
had delivered track training programs for riders and coaching techniques and skills for coaches.


▲ Participants in the 2nd camp 2015 WCC-KS

WCC-KS would be established in 2013 for the purpose of development of cycling all over the world,
especially Junior and Female riders. WCC-KS mainly invites coaches and riders from Asian countries and
provides them with excellent training facilities and equipment, scientific and systematic training programs,
world-level class coaches, and coaching development courses in order to improve trainees’ cycling skills
and their level of cycling both in mentally and physically. WCC-KS, one of the official training centers
authorized by UCI and WCC, is the one in which a trainee can make an exercise for both track and road at
the same time.

 Enormous Support from WCC: Ross Edgar’s Visit


▲ Coaching Session delivered by Mr. Edgar Ross

Ross Edgar, WCC Track Coach, arrived in Korea in August 9th on the invitation of WCC-KS. He, who has
numerous experience and career as a track cyclist, is the silver-medalist of Men Keirin event in 2008
Beijing Olympic Games. During the WCC-KS 2nd training camp, he initiated both technique and tactics on
the track by actually riding along with the riders. He, who was a very famous track sprinter, rode closely
with the riders on the track and coached his know-how and techniques. With cooperation with Dr. Chester
Hill, head coach of WCC-KS recommended by UCI and WCC, Ross Edgar underwent track training for
participants in preparation for the 2015 Yangyang International Track Championships in Korea which is a
class 3 UCI track event.

Ross Edgar tells “WCC-KS has utmost training environment for riders and coaches from various nations.
The facilities and equipment furnished are in highest quality and the training programs provided are very
useful and helpful for the development of riders and coaches’ abilities in cycling. I was very impressed with
the passion and hard effort of WCC-KS in order for the progress of cycling, especially in Asia. It is surely a
golden opportunity for riders and coaches to be part of WCC-KS training camp.”

 Proof performances: 2015 Yangyang International C3 Track Championships

WCC-KS trainees participated in the 2015 Yangyang International Track Championships was held from
14th to 17th of August in Yangyang City in Korea. It was the first time for some of them to join an
international track event. Our trainees would seem to be very nervous before the event because of the
fever of atmosphere in the track velodrome , they, however, had been gradually enjoying themselves
participating in the track race.


▲ Official Training of WCC-KS Participants in the Event Venue


▲Dominic Perez, Philippines Sprinter and WCC-KS attendee, in the 200m Flying Lap
On the 14th, Qualifying Round of 200m time trial for the male and female sprint riders was operated.
Reihane Talebisomee from Iran, Sinuraj P. Sanadarj from India, Muhammad Nurfathoni from Indonesia,
and Jerry R. Aquino Jr. and Dominic Perez from Philippines attended the event as the representative of
WCC-KS.Among the eminent riders, Reihane Talebisomee and Jerry R. Aquino Jr. got qualified and
competed in the next race. On the 15th, Reihane Talebisomee from Iran and Jerry R. Aquino Jr. from
Philippines had Sprint 1st round and repechage event. Although Jerry R. Aquino Jr. has been a road rider
and join a track sprint event for the first time, he achieved record of about 10 second by going through track
training in WCC-KS 2nd Camp. Reihane Talebisomee had her record of 15 seconds when she joined the
camp 40 days ago, her record, however, has been improved up to 13 seconds at the end of the camp.

On the 16th, Muhmmad Nurfathoni from Indonesia got qualified in ranking 2nd in Men Keirin Repechages
and was able to race in Keirin Final again. We had Women and Men Omnium and Men Keirin Final on the
last day of the championships. Reihane K. Daryan from Iran participated in Women Omnium, and Jamalidin

Novardianto from Indonesia, Vadim Shaekhov and Sergey Medvedev from Uzebekistan participated in Men
Omnium. Muhmmad Nurfathoni from Indonesia participated in Men Keirin Final as well. As for the Men
Point Race, Sergey Medvedev ranked 6th and Vadim Shaekhov ranked 7th.Among the 19 riders of Men
Omnium, Vadim Shaekhov ranked 8th and Sergey Medvedev ranked 10th for the total ranking.


▲ ReihaneTalebisomee, Irian Sprinter and WCC-KS attendee, in the 200m Flying Lap


▲ Warming up session delivered by Ross Edgar and Chester Hill before an event
At the end of the whole event, all the WCC-KS trainees were very happy and excited for their
achievements and performances. Dr. Chester Hill made his speech after the event, “I am very impressed
with passion of riders and coaches for cycling. Though we did not make remarkable performances today,
I am very confident that our attendees will be improved and will be able to be a podium rider in the near
future. I really appreciate WCC-KS’s effort and hard working for the development of cycling”


▲ All the staff and WCC-KS attendee after the race