Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Coaching Course at World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite (WCC-KS) is operated
by professional instructors appointed by UCI and WCC. The purpose of the Course is to promote and develop
competent coaches in developing-countries and upgrade the level of coaching in the field of cycling as a whole.

The objective of WCC-KS UCI Coaching Course is to deliver a wide range of theoretical sessions in order to provide :

1. Compliment the practical coaching contents

2. Understand and learn how to deliver a wide range of cycling technique

3. Delivering contemporary cycling theory, information, and knowledge

4. Providing scientific methods and approaches to be able to assess riders’ strength and weakness The difference between UCI Coaching Course at WCC-KS and the ones of other countries is that the theory
learned is directly related to the practical experience. In other words, ‘Coaching, Training, Studying, and Working’ are
operated synergistically. Such operation gives potential and opportunity for further experiential studies in
International level of coaching for the participants.

In addition, the strength of UCI Coaching Course at WCC-KS lies on the goal we have in International races of both
Track and Road. The annual events participants of WCC-KS training camp attend, the Jik-ji International Road Cycling Race
and Yang-yang UCI Class 3 International Track Competition, are prepared throughout the camp. By preparing for actual races,
participating coaches can apply the studies from UCI Coaching Course to real situation and observe or support the
needs of their riders.

One of the best sessions that participants select in WCC-KS Training Camp is the Gym Session. WCC-KS fulfills all the facilities needed for the participants’ workout before or after training. During the Gym Session, participants get to use various sports equipment and understand exactly how the equipment can benefit the riders’ body condition.

Additional sessions such as Yoga or Pilates are also included in the WCC-KS Gym Session. The use of muscles when cycling is quite limited and the down-waist, thighs, and pelvis are frequently used body muscles that get cramped up easily. Yoga or Pilates session can increase flexibility, strength, and balance of one’s body by improving posture and assisting in injury recovery.

The programs for Gym Session are renewed with special classes from one training camp to another with the support from professional instructors and managers.

WCC-KS provides Bike Fitting for the participants in order to check the rider’s body position when riding and suitability of the bike with the rider’s physical status. The Bike Fitting is process with ‘3D Motion Analysis’ system from Retul Bicycle Fit Technology. '3D Motion Analysis' is a program that helps the riders to set good posture to bring out the best performance. Through this system, riders are able to correct their riding posture by regulating the angle of pedaling and one's left & right upstroke balance.

Most of the participants have their first bike-fitting in WCC-KS since the price of the service costs high and somewhat unfamiliar for the riders in developing nations. Through Bike Fitting service provided by WCC-KS training camp, participants can learn the best body position when they are riding and improve their pedaling motions for future training or race. WCC-KS believes that even though the changed bike and riding pattern in a bit awkward for the riders, their abilities will improve gradually in short term when they keep up the good body position and pedaling motions.

Korean Lecture is an additional session provided by WCC-KS staff during the training camp for all the participants. The official language used in WCC-KS is English. However, WCC-KS camp is formed with participants from many different nations using different languages. Therefore, Korean lecture is formed in order to make the communication easier for one another other than English.

The lecture consists from simple greetings like ‘An-nyung-ha-sae-yo’ (meaning ‘Hello’) to some of the words useful when training on road like ‘When-jjok’ (meaning ‘left’) and ‘Oh-reun-jjok’ (meaning ‘Right’).

Fluent communication from WCC-KS coaches to riders, riders to riders, and even staffs to participants is one of the most important factors considered during the camp. WCC-KS believes that using both English and basic Korean as uniform languages in the training camp will benefit all the parties associated.

World Cycling Centre Korea Satellite (WCC-KS) provide not only unique training program, but also give the participants opportunities to experience the traditional culture of Korea. During the recovery day, participants visit various Experience Center to enjoy special culture of Korea. Korean Culture Experience of WCC-KS includes :

Artificial Silk Dyeing Experience (인견염색체험)

Ceramic Making Experience (도자기체험)

Traditional House Experience (전통가옥체험)

Wood Culture Experience (목재문화체험)