Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. (Specialized), founded in 1974, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products. Specialized focus on the needs of riders and provide technically developed products. Specialized is known for its innovation and work with the most accomplished athletes, experts, and engineers in the sport industry.

The philosophy of Specialized is ‘Rider-first Engineered’, ‘Aero is everything’, and ‘Smother is faster’. From frame construction to Win Tunnel and more, Specialized is focusing on the detailed designing of technology, materials, and active suspension that satisfy the needs of a rider.

There are 4 values of Specialized:

1. Produce better bicycles and related products

2. Activities and decisions made are based on the brand value

3. Construct close relationship with the riders

4. Meeting the long-tern business objective through the brand vision

Roval is the cycling wheel product brand produced by Specialized. Roval wheel is a specialized on the road cycling wheel and is broadly used by professional cyclists all around the world. Roval wheel installed with the effectiveness and efficiency of aerodynamics, which enables a smooth and strong in fast paced or crosswind riding. Roval wheel is scientifically tested on wind-tunnel and road to produce a wheel that is usable for the actual performance of the riders.
Wattbike is an ultimate indoor bike for cyclists, which represents the feeling of the road riding provided with a specific performance data for the rider. There are 24 different Wattbike office branches all around the world including Korea, the Republic. Wattbike enables the rider to train easily in a structured manner. Wattbike offers a total training solution combining the most advanced indoor bike with cutting edge digital technology and world class training support.

The objective of Wattbike is to allow riders to improve their performance on cycling techniques and unleash their potential for higher goals as cyclists.

The 6 Major goal direction of Wattbike are:

1. Improve your performance with absolute precision

2. Increase your speed with perfect pedaling

3. Your ultimate training partner

4. Bringing the road indoors

5. Chosen by champions

6. Revolutionizing indoor cycling in the fitness industry
Syncway (Syncway) was founded in 2010 adopting the first 3D Motion Analysis Fitting System in Asia. Syncway cultivated with systematic and scientific relevant sport network and data through overseas seminar and specialized education. It is operated with 1200 objective fitting database, which provides differentiated fitting service that compatible for Korean’s physical status.