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WCC-KS is operating cycle training camp for the participants from developing countries since 2013 in order to promote the sport of cycling worldwide. WCC-KS manages both Track and Road Cycling free of charge for all participants. Coaches and riders from developing countries are provided with superb instructors, professional UCI coaching lectures, scientific training equipment, organized cycling training programs and the opportunity to gain race experience.

The training camps of WCC-KS are divided into two sections; ‘Road Training Course for Junior Men/Women, Elite Men/Women’ and ‘Track Training Course for Junior Men/Women, Elite Men/Women’. Since the beginning of the camp, WCC-KS is focusing on the training programs which enable the riders to carry out initiatives in cycling tactics on an actual race.

The Track training is mainly oriented on learning technical skills on the track. The riders practice on how to read the games and ride safely and competitively. The games WCC-KS track training camp participants perform include Omnium, Sprint, Keirin, Point, and Team-Sprint.

The Road training is revolved around the International style race. By preparing for the International cycling competition during the camp, riders learn about the teamwork and self-control based on the training program of WCC-KS.

The 3 strong point about the training programs in WCC-KS, which are :

1. Convoi of team bans from front to back of the riders when training for safety

2. Fully practice different techniques on 2km Closed Road Circuit, 300m Straight Track for Sprinting, Up-hill Training Course

3. Coach meeting after the training session, in order to give feedbacks and talk over about riders’ performance for improvements.

WCC-KS has confidence that it provides world class cycle training programs that can develop participating riders
competitive enough to perform in the international level.